Seedling & Sage Catering Co. is a rapidly expanding catering company looking to grow its team. We are hiring for the following Philadelphia catering jobs. Our commissary kitchen and office building are in Glenside, Pa. We service events in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Deleware Counties, Philadelphia and areas in the 30 miles radius.

On-site Staff (banquet captains, servers, bartenders, set up crew) and Internship Opportunities (August 2018)

We proudly work with many of the local colleges to support college intern programs. These are typically a minimum 90 day position and require a minimum of 10 hours per week. Candidate must have a valid driver’s license, a car, be able to lift 20 pounds or more.

We will happily work with your school and provide any paperwork needed so that you can obtain credits for this internship. Email your resume today to

The role of this position is to assist with the marketing, selling, planning and execution of offsite events for Seedling & Sage Catering Co. and anything else that contributes to the overall success of the company.

While in the office, you will answer calls, send proposals, plan events, create BEOs, create invoices, create shipping lists, assist with organization and inventory of storage areas, deliver catering orders, perform administrative duties as necessary. While offsite at events, you will learn about the off-site operations of events from delivery to set up to execution. You must be able to work some nights and weekends. This is an unpaid internship, BUT you will be paid for an offsite events you staff after training.

We are looking for an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape, including various social media platforms, blast emails, and Word Press. This go-getter will work a minimum of 10 hours per week, and will help us attain new business and leads by assuring our online presence is optimized and that our company is presented as a top-tier caterer. This intern can also assist with blogging, videos, photography, graphic design and any other media they are interested in.

This is an unpaid internship, BUT you will be paid if you would like to work our offsite events, after training.

Starting immediately! Our busy season is upon us, so this is a great time to work alongside the executive chef and/or pastry chef in all aspects of the kitchen including preparation, cooking and serving. We are a farm-to-table catering company so providing local products that are delicious and presented beautifully is our goal. Our business is corporate during the week and social events & weddings on the weekends. You will have experience in the kitchen, as well as off-site at events as a live action station attendant, server, or kitchen assistant. Paid & Non-paid opportunities.

Responsibilities: Menu planning, food preparation, safety compliance, sanitation, and more.
Requirements: must be working toward a culinary degree, must have documented experience working with in a kitchen, understanding of special dietary and allergy needs, competent in the preparation of basic kitchen recipes, servsafe certified a plus with a strong focus on food safety and applying this to everyday operation and service. Must be available nights and weekends.

Please send your resume to Melissa Manzo McDevitt, mmcdevitt@seedlingandsage.