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At Seedling & Sage our mission is to make people happy. We believe our staff – passionate, professional and filled with love for what they do – set us apart. We take a people-first, food-focused approach. You’ll notice the difference in our honest, upfront communication style. You’ll taste it in food that’s local, seasonal, and always visually alluring. You’ll see it as we style your event and create what we call ‘catering couture’.

But, mostly, you’ll sense an unmistakable radiating energy created by people who just love what they do. We still believe in a warm smile and good old fashioned work ethic… with a smidge of panache.

Check out this quick video and recent interview. 


Melissa Manzo McDevitt Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Seedling & Sage, responsible for overall Business Development. Melissa is a true hospitality industry professional with more than 15 years experience in the sales, marketing, and planning of national and international events with an emphasis on hotels and catering venues. After almost a decade as a director of sales and marketing at a boutique hotel property, Melissa and Laura launched Seedling & Sage Catering in 2014. Melissa wrote class curriculums and is an adjunct professor at Temple University for the Event Management Certification Program. Classes: Critical Steps of Event Planning, Risk Management, Social Media for Small Business.

Laura Halligan Kidwell  Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Seedling & Sage, responsible for overall Operations. Laura’s passion is in the operations and executions of events both onsite and offsite. She often finds herself at barns, farms, and arboretums that have no kitchens or cooking facilities. She works with the culinary team to devise plans and execution strategies to assure seamless events. In addition to opening Seedling & Sage in 2014, she is also a restaurant owner and operator. Expert in operations and executions of 150+ seat restaurant and special event facility.

Darcy Hill Director of Catering at Seedling & Sage, responsible for selling and planning weddings, galas, and social events. Darcy has been in the corporate and hospitality fields for over 18 years and is a highly experienced sales and event planning professional.   Not only does she enjoy working closely with clients and vendors to design and manage all aspects of our events, but she is also a detail-oriented professional with strengths in event creation, planning, and execution. Darcy’s off-site catering experience at large and prestigious event venues, like the Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music, are an enormous asset to our rapidly growing company. #ourseedlinghassprouted

Sara Maher Catering Sales Manager at Seedling & Sage with a concentration on social events in private homes, and at the Mercer Museum. Sara helps our clients visualize their event in their space, and then select a menu that not only meets their needs, but their budget too! From graduation parties to showers, to corporate galas, Sara is organized and detail-oriented. When she’s not here in the office or onsite at an event, Sara volunteers a lot in the community and can often be found at track meets and lacrosse games with her husband and three children.


Gabi Forgione Catering Sales Manager concentrating on corporate and wedding events.  Gabi has a passion for helping others, amazing food, and the little details. Her love for the wedding industry started while coordinating at a wedding venue that focused on truly personalizing each event. She is always on the hunt for the latest wedding trends and goes above and beyond to keep the planning process as stress-free as possible. She is dedicated to executing an amazing event for you!


Kate Winters Catering Sales Manager who does it all! Kate books corporate and social events for Seedling and Sage. She also runs our outdoor bar and grill. Her bubbly personality and “can do” attitude keeps her clients coming back over and over. Kate has an infectious smile and laugh that everyone adores. She is over-the-top resourceful and uses her smarts to meet any challenge, and keep everyone HAPPY!


FullSizeRender-2Maria Benamar Event Designer + Captain with more than 10 years of experience in the Wedding and Catering industry. Maria loves working with people and helping their visions come to life for their Special Day. She believes that it is a beautiful process to see someone’s ideas and help them grow into reality!  Passionate about food, family, and fun!


Jessica Tipson Accountant who just recently joined the ranks! We were fortunate enough to come into contact with Jess over the summer and has officially joined the family as our Accounting manager with a focus on Human Resources. As a local Glenside resident for the past 10 years, she has worked all across the industry. From catering and waitressing to managing operation teams at property preservation companies, to then going back to school for accounting, she has done it all! Her favorite thing about working with her Seedling Family is just how professional and kind everyone is. She’s looking forward to making more memories and having more experiences like Life’s Patina: team building and making connections!

Steve Irlenborn Executive Chef with 15 years experience and one of the best personalities to spice up the Seedling & Sage family. Steve has been in every kind of kitchen we offer here since April of 2018 & enjoys the fact that every day is a new adventure. As an executive chef, he claims he “can’t just choose one favorite dish” because of the attention every small detail deserves, no matter the dish. With regards to the multitude of events per week the kitchen has to keep up with, Steve laughs and says he has complete confidence in every single member of his team. He claims “on the rare occasions the events for the week include the same ingredients, we win the lottery. On the weeks they don’t, we still make it fun.” He keeps his kitchen clean and light-hearted, and his food fresh.

Courtney Mullen Marketing & Social Media Intern  As a communication and public relations major, she studies and excels at Manhattan College. Courtney will graduate in May of 2020 and continue growing in the business field fueled by her originality and love for social media. With incredible time management skills and a bright personality, we keep her busy taking pictures, posting on our different social media sites and reaching out for reviews from previous events. She loves being able to let her creativity flow and learn something new with each day she spends here with us. Courtney is excited to help us show the world who we are!

Ann Mushrush Event Captainwho has been with us from our very first event at The Wissahickon Skating Club! As a high school teacher by trade, Ann lives by the mantra “nothing scares me!” She has worked in the restaurant industry since 1991. Pre Seedling & Sage, Ann worked at Sorella Rose restaurant, banquet, and catering facility in Flourtown for 10 years and has truly done it all. From weddings to birthday parties, Ann has expedited many different visions and led countless teams to success along the way. To her, being a team leader means understanding the strengths of your team and motivating them to be their best. She trusts the party planners to share the visions and her team to make them come to life!

Jamie Campbell Event Captainand adventure woman extraordinaire! She has worked for Seedling and Sage since this past June but has been working in the industry since she was 16. Having been a teacher for 6 years prior to becoming an office manager for a solar company gave her the skill set needed to handle a large range of complications and rise above them with a smile. There is no obstacle too large for this event captain. Jamie participated in a 12-month long volunteer program where she was able to travel across the U.S. with AmeriCorps helping communities, an experience that has truly shaped her into the woman she is today. She’s excited to share her passions and stories with you and help make the event the best it can be.


Molly Gallagher Event Captain and Philadelphian sports fanatic. Molly has been a part of the Seedling family for the past 4 years and served as a team leader for the past 2. She welcomes the responsibility with open arms and juggles the new responsibilities with a smile and grace! She spends her free time down the shore at Ocean City with her 3 children, and works as a substitute art teacher at St. Helena’s Elementary school in Blue Bell, PA.  One of her favorite things about working with her friends during the events, she says, is that “it feels like fun rather than work. We work hard to play hard and see the smiles on our guests’ faces. They’re what makes the stress worth it.”

Fun fact: Our chefs executed 500+ off-site events in 2019!


Our clients are in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties and Jersey shore areas, and they want beautiful, honest events that bring out the best of our community. They also want style. And class.

Our network of relationships, built on decade’s worth of running restaurants and hotels, and our high standards for doing business make accomplishing this delightfully easy. It’s your event. You should enjoy it.

At Seedling & Sage, nothing is typical. We offer both quick service and full service catering for events big and small. We cater events in homes, at off-site venues, under tents, on farms, barns and arboretums, in boutique shops… even at sea. We love new. We love different. Do it.

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