Important Business Update

To Our Valued Customers:

We want to take the opportunity to reach out to all of our friends, neighbors, and clients with an important update about our business. As you may know, the Pennsylvania Governor has ordered all public events outside or under temporary structures to cancel. He also asked for all events over 250 to cancel. That being said, this did affect a few of our events. Those that were affected (like Rock and Roll Marathon in DC) have been canceled.

At this time, we will remain open for business and are happy to serve you in your home, your office or at an off-site venue. Our exclusive property Flourtown Country Club also is open. We also are happy to deliver catering trays to you or have you pick them up. Our chefs would deliver to your car curbside.

As an independently owned catering company, assuring that both our clients and our team members are safe is our number one priority. Because of that, we have published our COVID-19 Safety Protocol that our team has implemented. You can read it below. In addition to constant hand washing, we are utilizing a highly specialized certified Norovirus Disinfectant to sanitize our offices, our kitchen and our exclusive venue.

To promote the highest level of social distancing, we have shut off all access to our commercial kitchen to anyone other than our chefs. Since we are not a retail establishment, there is absolutely no public access nor any access even from our team members to assure the highest level of integrity to our products.

Our goal has always been, and continues to be, to exceed our client’s expectations. We look forward to catering your next event. We make people happy.

Kindest Regards,
Melissa McDevitt + Laura Kidwell, Managing Partners

Seedling & Sage Pandemic Plan

Procedures Implemented in Kitchen + Off Site Event Space

  • Prevention is a priority. Wash your hands frequently. Practice Social Distancing.
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces often with specific Norovirus disinfectant
  • Our commissary kitchen is CLOSED to the public, only our chefs permitted in this area. No purveyors, mail delivery, customers are permitted in this space.
  • No person other than a Seedling and Sage employee is permitted in our building for the next 14 daysa so there is no cross contamination.
  • Wear gloves with all kitchen prep, when clearing dishes from clients, and in dishwashing area.
  • Our staff is to serve all items, no self serve items, to avoid cross-contamination of serving pieces and dispensers.
  • Although we are a sustainable company, in this instance we may recommend disposables for the least possible risk of contamination.
  • Utilizing special Norovirus disinfectants from our chemical supply company ECO LAB
  • All event space is cleaned and disinfected after every event. This includes: floors, surfaces, bathrooms, handles, knobs, bars, railings.
  • Commercial dishwasher is used on site at exclusive venue Flourtown Country Club with ECO LAB disinfectant chemicals and soaps.
  • Highly educated culinary team – all managers with SERV SAFE certification.
  • Increase ventilation by opening doors in kitchens and event space.
  • Promoting no cash events. Bring your own pen for credit card slips.
  • Avoid handshaking.
  • Team members are able to work from home when possible.

Suggestions for our clients, adapted from the CDC and from WHO (World Health Organization):  

  • Participants and staff should stay away from events when ill.
  • Promote hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Eliminate all hand outs/papers at event (multiple hands touching papers).
  • Keep one meter of space between all guests. Assure the event space is large enough for guests to spread out.
  • Open doors and windows for ventilation
  • Consider use of plastic cups that guests would throw out upon completion of beverage .
  • Isolate persons who become ill in a private room – provide a mask.
  • Eliminate hand shaking.
  • All buffets should be served by a venue staff member who is wearing gloves.
  • All beverages should be poured by venue staff member who is wearing gloves (no self serve stations)


  • Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant EFFECTIVE AGAINST 2019 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS
  • EPA Reg. # 1677-238