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Oven Ready Meals

Holiday Dinners

A gourmet dinner with all the trimmings. Serves 8-10 guests. No prep, no mess! Just reheat and eat.

Bars + Stations

Stationary displays designed for small micro-groups who gathering for a special occasion or meeting. Designed to…Set It  And Forget It! If you want to add staff or rentals, please call our office at 215.885.2037

Boxes, Bentos & Bowls

Grab & Go! Individually wrapped meals perfect for front line workers or office meetings. Boxes, Bentos + Bowls! 15 person minimum. Delivery or curbside.

Craft Cocktails To Go 32oz

Low calorie, all natural fresh pressed juices, additive-free! Ready to drink. Great hostess gift! 

Add Ons