Farm-To-Table Gala

Farm to table is the hot thing for sure! Private school Springside Chestnut Hill Academy picked this as their annual gala theme this year as they raised money for their ‘Going Greener’ campaign that focuses on the greening of the entire campus, including the food.

And FOOD there was! Local cheese mongers and sommeliers joined the Seedling & Sage team to put on a gala with more than 300 people.

We were also incredibly proud to co-promote this event with one of my own personal style icons ~ the heralded Terrain! If you have never ever shopped Terrain, an indoor/outdoor home décor mecca, they are the big sis of hipster clothing store Anthropologie. That says it all. Terrain is rustic and chic and modern all at the same. Truly they are inspirational in all of the our event and buffet styling. So, needless to say, this event was one for the books!

Although this was going to be a tented affair in their courtyard, the weather gods sent us packing… so into the gym we went. With the farm tables and alternating vintage chairs from Maggpie Rentals, the terrariums and succulents from Botanical Expressions, the centerpieces and swag from Terrain, and the creative culinary and décor team from Seedling & Sage… we transformed the gym and the cafeteria into an amazing indoor space.

If you are dealing with commercial lighting prevalent in schools and corporations, a great tip is to actually shut those lights off (typically not on dimmers) and hang market lights for a more amber, glowing effect. This made the job of stellar photographer, and personal friend, Mat McCabe that much easier.