Carson Wentz: Quarterback & Philanthropist

On May 31, 2019 the Seedling and Sage family joined 29 members of the Philadelphia Eagles and a crowd of 15,000 spirited fans at Citizens Bank Park.The second annual AO1 foundation charity softball game raised $500,000 for an incredible cause.  

Carson Wentz, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, founded the AO1 foundation to “uplift individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.” Wentz’s foundation has raised money for children in Haiti, distributed meals to those in need, and have given opportunities to explore the outdoors to people with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses. By pairing with the Haiti Sports Complex, Thy Kingdom Crumb, and the Outdoor Ministry, Wentz’s efforts have celebrated many successes along the way. The common values of Seedling and Sage and the AO1 foundation found each other for the celebration of Seedling and Sage’s 5-year anniversary.  

“We are thrilled to partner with AO1 on this event. It’s a local event including family, food and philanthropy, three things really important to us as a company,” said Laura Kidwell, Managing Partner & Co-Founder. It was an honor for us at Seedling and Sage to be given the opportunity to cater 325 guests in the Diamond Club’s VIP reception, and meet the quarterback himself. 

 “This Spring marks our 5- year anniversary of opening Seedling & Sage Catering. To show gratitude for our successes, we have been looking for a local opportunity to help create a long-term impact on those less fortunate,” said Melissa McDevitt, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Seedling and Sage. 

We were excited to feature samples from our modern farm to table collections. True to our nature, our famous rustic chic styled stationary displays were included as well.We used our rustic style to truly demonstrate the down to earth nature of the foundation (like helping to bring disabled people and people with life threatening illnesses outdoors). We’re not about the bells and whistles, our focus is on helping people. We keep it simple, classy, and emphasize the event. 

Our Seedling family could not be more excited to spread our wings even further and touch surrounding communities. After signing a brand-new exclusive venue and adding more staff to the team, the Seedling staff was eager to spend a night away from the office and enjoy quality time with family, friends, and of course, food!

Check out some of our favorite memories below!