Spring & Summer Showers

‘Tis the season for new Spring and Summer shower trends!


We get calls daily with questions about what’s hot this season. Our brides, their moms and their friends all want to put a special twist on the next event. So.. what are we seeing???

  1. FRESH & Seasonal Everything… especially the BAR. Freshly muddled or pureed fruits & juice taste wonderful with prosecco or Tito’s!
  2. Fun & funky lemonades – try strawberry basil, pear & honey, elderflower, kiwi cactus. Definitely mix with fresh fruit and herbs.
  3. Rose. Dry. Period.
  4. Ambient (room temp) platters so that we can toss those not so pretty chafing dishes, and relish on the beauty and color of the Spring & Summer harvest.
  5. And the biggest one…

All things Southern like our Shrimp & Grits Star Tartlet (a passed hors d’oeuvre) and our signature Short Rib Sliders… they  go great with any Southern Themed Shower.

La Linea Artful Desserts  created the adorable “Seattle meets Philadelphia” cookie.

Photo Credits: Brittani Elizabeth Photography