2019 Event Trends

2019 Event Trend Report 

  1. Modern Luxe + Mixed Metal
  2. Floral Walls – An Instagram Sensation
  3. The Good-Bye Ballroom Movement
  4. Making Events About Me
  5. Conversational Furniture
  6. Custom Cocktail Trailers
  7. Out-Of-The-Arch Thinking
  8. Sustainably Yours
  9. Veg Out

9 trends getting ‘all the feels’ from Seedling and Sage Catering this year:

  1. Modern Luxe While farm chic and rustic are of course still a thing, some clients are going the polar opposite to clean lines and modern presentations. White marble (loving the West Elm cheese board), slate plates, brass, and acrylic are all making their debut. We are finding these modern touches and mixed metals in everything from stationary appetizer displays, to wedding cakes and invitations. 2019 is going a bit more glam than years past. We are happy to provide both Farm Chic and Modern Luxe lines in 2019. See pics below!
  2. Floral Walls- An Instagram Sensation Photo booths are still fun and quirky, but again, we are seeing added glam with the introduction of a floral wall. Whether it’s a colored floral or a terrarium wall, these walls will add a pop of color and a lot of interaction to your next event. Instagram approved! Loving these walls at Nicol Floral. (Tip: you can also rent this gorgeous space for cocktail parties, showers, and more).
  3. Good-Bye Ballroom Movement! According to the 2019 CVENT Hospitality and Trend Report  “92.3% of planners and property
    professionals alike said they believe events are more likely to be booked outside of a hotel than they were five years ago. Events are popping up in the most unorthodox of places, and that’s only going to become more commonplace.” And, we agree! We are planning events in warehouses, breweries, whisky distilleries, llama farms and more.  Clients are finding the traditional ballroom experience to be less organic than these out of the box venues. Clear top tents are great for showcasing natural surroundings.
  4. Making Events About Me Yet another nod toward the ‘good-bye ballroom’ movement, today’s client, comprised largely of millennials, wants to personalize it all. So, take all of your menu templates, your house tables and chairs, your standard china and glassware, and put it all on your local yard sale site and PURGE it.  Today’s client wants each facet of their event to reflect their personal vision. More examples to follow…. Conversational furniture, pop up bars, modern luxe, mixed metals, and out-of-the-arch thinking.
  5. Conversational Furniture From vintage furniture to luminescent, this is yet another nod toward the experience-based event. Check out Vision Furniture’s luminary line.    (And see pictures below).
  6. Custom Cocktail Trailers Planning your event in the middle of the woods but still want a killer cocktail experience? Cocktail caterers are a thing, and are really freaking cool. Roll up a trailer bar and drink healthier and hipper in 2019. Two favs: 13th Street Cocktails  and The Yard Bar.
  7. Out of The Arch Thinking Wait… for real… an arch doesn’t really have to be an arch! It could be more circular, more linear, whatever you want. You do you. See below hexagon shaped arch.
  8. Sustainably Yours Sustainability is not a fad, it is here to stay. Our bamboo plateware, sturdy and chic, remains a great alternative to traditional disposables. We are really hot on edible florals and botanical mixers as seen on Barefoot Botanicals. 
  9. Veg Out Identifying your diet as vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based isn’t a fad, it’s a global shift with overwhelming demand. So again, toss those menu templates in the trash and be prepared with innovative ways to Veg Out. According to a report by the firm GlobalData, there’s been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the U.S in the last three years. Only 1% of U.S. consumers claimed to be vegan in 2014. And in 2017, that number rose to 6%.